88% of Wealthy People Share This Trait

jepfinblog-reading-oct2016The average American watches 5 hours of TV per day and reads just 19 minutes per day. The average American household is also $132,000 in debt and overweight.
But what are the habits of the wealthy? 

  • The get up early
  • They floss
  • They have a to-do list for each day
  • They exercise
  • The give
  • They have goals

One of the biggest common denominators is that the wealthy read for 30 minutes for self-improvement each day. The Average CEO reads a book/week and Warren Buffet said he even reads around 600-1000 pages/day! Neurosurgeon Ben Carson credit reading as what turned his life around from poverty to success. So maybe if you need to make more money or have more fulfillment in life try reading!
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