The Jeppesen Financial Service’s Story

Jeppesen Financial Services began in 2009 and operates as a non-captive insurance agency offering clients the power to choose from thousands of options and dozens of top-grade providers. The office is not beholden to any insurance company, provides the same rates as calling a carrier direct, and provides personalized non-biased product advice. We focus on Life, Disability, and Annuity Solutions for our clients by listening to their unique needs. We work on behalf of our clients, not the insurance companies.

Leland Jeppesen’s History

After getting my B.A. in Finance from Western WA University and becoming insurance licensed in 2004 I started working for large organizations selling various types of coverage.  I soon wanted to have more options to offer clients instead of being pushed to sell something that may not be a good fit. I also did not like being put in a box, a cubical or trapped in any antiquated system. I wanted freedom. Freedom for myself and freedom for my clients. I believe in the ancient adage; the truth will set you free but I had to work for it. As we all know from history: freedom is not free! 
Today I am proud to say that for ten years Jeppesen Financial Services has been free serving clients with integrity, understanding, and compassion. Our clients get a better picture of their full-menu of options, obtain product-independent advice and make better decisions when it comes to their financial choices. JFS clients have significantly more freedom with the numerous choices we offer. In fact we provide more options than the largest agencies in the country have to offer  (Matrix Direct, SelectQuote, Zander). We have shifted the power away from the insurance carriers and to you the consumer.

Mission Statement

To serve people, organizations, and businesses for their financial success.

Our Values

  • Integrity—To be honest, ethical, and do what you say you will do.
  • Understanding—To treat clients as people with unique circumstances. To always be growing in expertise.
  • Compassion—To NOT pressure a client. To listen to their needs.

CEO & Advisor, Jeppesen Financial Services

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