The Tough Stuff

There are times people call into the office, seeking life insurance coverage. They have no medical issues or pre-existing conditions, take no medication, and have a great build. Man, this makes my life easy! I type up a half million 20yr term policy (or whatever is requested), order an exam, and submit the application. In …

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Underfunded Retirement – Scarier than Death?

retirement income

Recent studies conducted by Allianz and Wells Fargo reveal American people are more concerned about outliving their current savings than death itself. This is attributed to something called longevity risk; an individual’s lifespan surpassing their capability to earn income, savings, or retirement plans. In 1935 social security was established to secure retirement income for individuals …

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How I saved someone over $100,000 on his life insurance

A few years ago I received a request for life coverage from an elderly gentleman. After meeting at his home and having been seated his immediate question was: “how much is this going to cost?” Without intending to resist the question I replied that I simply didn’t know without finding out about what he needed …

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Does a grade really matter?

People often are looking for a low price, but at the same time are leery about getting poor qualify. In the insurance world to help you know you are getting insured from a reliable, quality insurance company the carriers get graded by rating agencies. Some examples are Moodys, Standard and Poor’s, Fitch, and AM Best. …

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You are not alone

85% of consumers agree that most people need life insurance, but only 44% of US households own individual coverage. Of those that do, 40% believe they do not have enough. Why are so many going uninsured or underinsured? One of the biggest reasons is that people believe it is expensive or unaffordable. If this is …

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Can Money Buy Happiness?

Does money make you happy? Do wealthy people really have more happiness than other people? This has been a hotly debated subject for many years, but we decided to shed some light on the issue by looking at a recent study done on the subject. The Michael Norton Study Harvard social science researcher, Michael Norton, …

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